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Rp 20 30L

Rippenplatte für die Befestigung der Schiene MRS87A (AS86/PRI85R) auf Beton.

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Our Rp 20 30L rail fastening system is designed for mounting of rail MRS87A (AS86/PRI85R) on concrete. It has, of course, our proven design of tangential bearing.

Rp 20 25L is available in thickness 22/25 and 27/30.

For an individual offer, please do not hesitate to contact us!

width B 300 mm
length L 200 mm
bore diameter D 26 mm
lat. distance between bores LQ 250 mm
long. distance between bores LL 145 mm
foot width F 154,5 mm

Schienenfuß – Rail Foot

Untergrund – Substructure