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Hooked Ribbed Plates

For maintenance pits and similar applications we have developed the hooked ribbed plates. They do not have any screws, nuts or other parts on the inside of the track. This enables you to run monitoring and inspection utilities on the rail foots and reduces the risk of staff getting injured on the screw ends.

Thanks to the fixing screw on the inside of the hook, underneath the rail, these ribbed plates allow for a rail to be installed directly on the edge of the pit.

Optimally Mounted on Concrete

Rail bound equipment such as cranes, stackers, reclaimers or railway need an optimal track. Simple and reliable rail fastenings are the most important connection between rail and concrete.

Our forged ribbed plates with tangetial bearing guarantee maximum reliability and fastest mounting on concrete or steel.

The tangential bearing minimizes the pressure at the plates edges. Tangential bearing means, that the ribbed plate is arched under the rail. Because of this, the contact between rail and plate is always tangential, and the force is lead even through the whole area of the base plate to the concrete. There is no enlarged pressure at the plate edges. This prevents the concrete from cracks and damages.

Hagen F. Lothes Special Rail Fastenings are approved by German Railway Authority (EBA).