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Emergency Rail Clamps

Emergency Rail Clamps:

The reliable solution!

  • Approved by German Railways for velocities up to 160km/h
  • Universal designed for a multitude of rail types, i.e.: UIC60, UIC54, S54, S49, SBBIII, SBBIV, SBBVI, AREA136RE and many more
  • The reliable solution: extensively tested and calculated, with decades of experience
  • Failsafe, even on strongest vibrations. The quintessence of our experience.
  • Approved and successful on track at various European railways.
  • Clamps directly from the manufacturer: individual technical solutions, with maximum competence and flexibility!
  • Reliable first class quality „Made in Germany”

Optionally, the Clamps can be equipped with padlocks to secure them from theft or sabotage.